Evidence-based Education for Everyone

PERTS empowers educators to improve student outcomes by applying research-based practices.


Students reached with evidence-based practices


Educators and parents subscribed to our Mindset Kit


Increase in off-track 9th graders passing courses

Focus on Equity.

We aim to create a world where every learner is given the opportunity and the stimulation to thrive. To do so, we empower educators to apply insights from the learning and developmental sciences.



Into concrete practices, using tools like the Mindset Kit.



Through rapid validation of our tools and processes.



By working closely with implementation partners.

Ronald Sloan

Ivy Tech Community College, IN

“PERTS has been an inspiring partner over the years. They genuinely share our passion to serve students and bring to that effort the most relevant social science in a way that is practical to apply.”

Debbie Chanan

Posnack School, FL

“The further we went as a team into the sessions, the deeper and more relevant the conversations. The videos and resources provided by PERTS enhanced the concept and understanding of what a growth mindset really is.”

Mariel Triggs

Lick-Wilmerding High School, CA

“My favorite evidence to witness is when [my students] light up after grappling with a problem a long time and get hungry for even harder problems!”


Teachers are at the core of most learning experiences. We work directly with teachers across the nation to ensure that our goals match their goals and that they are given the tools they need to best help their students.

Empowering learners through research-based practices.