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Our Mission

Students from underserved communities graduate from high school and college at far lower rates than their advantaged peers, and these achievement gaps powerfully perpetuate longstanding socioeconomic inequalities. This problem persists even though researchers have identified myriad educational strategies that can help all students thrive. It persists, in large part, because our education system chronically fails to scale up effective strategies to reach the students who need them most.

PERTS (Project for Education Research that Scales) helps educators apply evidence-based strategies in order to advance educational excellence and equity on a large scale. We believe that properly scaling educational research can empower schools to reduce inequality and create better experiences for students and teachers.


Bring research innovations into practice

We bridge the gap between research and practice by translating research findings into practical solutions. These solutions can be quickly implemented to serve large numbers of historically underserved students.

Learn from implementations to grow impact

While supporting the dissemination of research-based innovations, PERTS gathers essential data on their outcomes. That data teaches us how to faithfully and sustainably grow the reach of these innovations and maximize their impact on educational equity.

Our work

Our work reaches hundreds of thousands of students across the nation. Learn more about individual projects and research.

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Our team


Laura Stahl

Director of Operations

Sarah Gripshover

Director of Research

Chris Macrander

(PERTS Co-Founder)

Nashalys Rodriguez

Program Manager

Smriti Mehta

Research Assistant

Rumen Iliev

Senior Analyst

Daniel Greene

Research Associate

Daniel Fiore

Front-end Developer

Arnrow Domingo

Research & Program Coordinator

Lauren Shumaker

Research Associate


Carissa Romero

(PERTS Co-Founder)

Camille Farrington

Senior Research Associate
UChicago Consortium

Jason Okonofua

Assistant Professor
University of California, Berkeley

Ben Haley

Data Scientist
Khan Academy
(PERTS Co-Founder)

Susana Claro

Doctoral Candidate
Stanford University

Jacquie Beaubien


Eric Smith

Doctoral Candidate
Stanford University

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